What is #freeftopia

Our goal is to transform an existing startup into an open and decentralized organization.

As a community, we will define how the value of our work should be shared, and how decisions should be made.

We will use the blockchain to foster trust and transparency, and new forms of governance respectful of individuals’ aspirations.

The experiment will be shared publicly, so that lessons learned contribute to the general movement towards a world of peers.

The Roadmap

We have identified six activities core to the #freeftopia project. Whether you are proficient in finance, legal, coding, product management, communication, organizational design or just interested to contribute in your own way, you’re very welcome to help!

Onboarding Newcomers

Welcome, orient and connect new comers in a liquid organization

Evaluating Contributions

Enable peers measure the value of others’ contributions

Making Decisions

Build a consensus when anybody can join and no one is the boss

Building the commons

Build and operate an information sharing solution as a commons

Distributing Value

Share value according to a community-driven, blockchain-enforced governance

Sharing lessons

Tell our story and help others to build their decentralized commons

What's in for me?

Are you willing to go outside your comfort zone and experience something really new? Do you want to co-create the future of work? Are you looking for better ways to collaborate with others, to have your part in important decisions, to get a fair reward for the value you contribute to create?

Then #freeftopia is for you. No matter how much time you can allocate to the project, you’re welcome. No matter what your skills are, as long as we share the same goal and the same values. Our organization is transparent. You can find your place by joining others in an existing activity – or you can suggest your own and invite teammates to join you!

Be a co-founder. Be an explorer. Be a change maker.

How can I take part?

If you’re interested by the idea and you want to be informed of our progress, please join our Facebook group or follow us on Medium or Twitter.

If you want to help , you’re very welcome! We need finance people, coders, lawyers, designers, communicators… If you think you can help in any way, you can start by dropping us a line at

Since we do everything in the open, we have also set online, collaborative environments for working together :

  • Part-up: this is where we  organize teamwork aound shared goals
  • Community forum: a place for discussing ideas at length, publicly
  • Slack: instant group and 1-to-1 communication (request access by email)

We look forward to welcome you on board!

Get in touch!

Drop us a line or connect via your preferred social network. We're looking forward to chat and work with you.